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'OzInternational Study System' and OzAsia Study System are managed by Visas of Aus. They provide an educational, cross-cultural bridge linking Australia to the rest of the world by not only assisting students in their educational quest but also by providing opportunities to develop long-term, international friendships.

OzInternational Study System will assist you in coming to study in Australia.

Code Of Practice

We offer:

We can:

Visas of Aus does not charge you a processing fee for assistance in completing or lodging your application with your chosen institution.


OzInternational represents the following main institutions in Melbourne, namely:

. . . along with several other institutions and plans to represent schools, colleges & Universities Australia-wide in the future.

Course Selection Process

Step 1
You may check the course lists for the institutions above by clicking on the name of the institution which will take you to their website.

Step 2
Make sure you then go to the ‘Visas of Aus’ contact page & complete the application form. We will then be able to contact you & discuss your Educational options.


After you click on the institutions course list, please return to the ‘Visas of Aus’ contact page to notify us. If you apply DIRECTLY to the Institution, we will not be able to liaise with them on your behalf unless you write a letter, authorizing us as your Agent.

Once you’ve decided which institution you’d like to study at, we can arrange for you to complete & sign the necessary application form, which we can forward to the institution on your behalf. There is NO CHARGE to you for this service.