Australian Visa Application

Faster applications and higher success rates:

If the Department of Immigration came back to you requesting additional information for your Australian visa application, would you know what to provide? Visas of Aus knows what to provide. It’s this experience and knowledge that speeds up your application process.

Visas of Aus also creates submissions – this is an article or extra details, which includes additional  information that the Department of Immigration has requested. In many cases, submissions are best written by a third party as they become an endorsement or evaluation of the applicant. Submissions are requested to clear up any misunderstanding, so they are best written by experienced professionals.

Visas of Aus also provide additional recommendations for the department to approve the visa application. It pays to have an expert on your side.

Australian Visa Application - TilerAustralian Visa Application Case Study:

An overseas student applied to come to Australia to study wall and floor tiling. Immigration rejected his visa. They questioned why he wanted to do this if he has a degree in History and had previously worked in banks for 8 years. Visas of Aus added information to his application that resulted in Australian immigration overturning their decision and accepting his visa application.

Do you know all current legislation requirements for immigration visas in Australia? Visas of Aus regularly include extra information that is required for your visa approval.  Don’t be the next person to contact us with a rejected application and lost fee.

If your application has been refused, it is very hard to turn this decision around. It’s important to get it right the first time. Before submitting an Australian Visa Application speak to Visas of Aus. We’ll review your application, submit it for you and make your immigration application easier.