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Visas of Aus has extensive experience in submitting successful Australian Immigration Visa applications including:

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Visas of Aus is a service based company. We will respond to your email enquiries within 24 hours. We will make it easy to complete a successful visa application.

Visas of Aus is experienced in assisting students enrol into a suitable Education provider in Melbourne. The Visas of Aus story goes back to 1998 when founder Lauraine Roze was teaching English  in Japan. Lauraine noticed that many Japanese students were moving to USA, UK and Canada to further their studies. She soon began suggesting Australia as an alternative.

Before long, thanks to Lauraine, more students were selecting Australia as their study destination. Lauraine soon found herself helping students choose their Education provider & assisted them with completing their Australian student visa application forms.

A few years later, Lauraine found herself teaching in Taiwan and was soon helping Taiwanese students to successfully enrol into Australian Education providers & obtain their Australian Student Visa.

Lauraine moved back to Australia full time in 2003 and established her first company ‘Oz Asia Study System’, which quickly grew and became ‘Oz International Study System’. Lauraine became a registered migration consultant in 2009. This enabled an expansion from assisting with student visa applications to all visa categories, which saw her business change to ‘Visas of Aus’.

Australian Student Visa applications and university placement services:

Today, Lauraine, through Visas of Aus, still enjoys helping students with their Australian student visa applications. She also helps with all other visa applications.  Visas of Aus still personally checks every detail of each visa application this reduces the risk of an application being rejected and all fee’s being lost.

Lauraine's extensive experience in educational services means she knows the courses each University offers and is able to make successful placements that match a Students Educational needs.

By living in Melbourne, Australia, Lauraine is also able to suggest university placements that match the student’s daily travel requirements. 

When Australian university placements are made by overseas based agents, some students find themselves travelling up to 2 hours just to get to their university. Even worse, some students are enrolled in the wrong course. If students are placed in the wrong course by overseas based agents, these students risk over-running their visas. 

Visas of Aus local knowledge means they are able to place students into Universities that are located closer to home.

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