Australian Visa Assistance

Application and management of Australian Visas for students, tourists and families

Find out how you can change your visa to another substantive visa - applicable to holders of certain passports & for genuine reasons

Visas of Aus is an experienced, Registered Migration Consultant which makes it easier for you to lodge a successful Australian immigration visa. Don’t risk submitting your visa application - then having it rejected simply because you answered part of a question incorrectly, confused some dates or included the wrong information.

Australian Visa Assistance Services include:

Student visa applications and university placements into Melbourne Australia.

Overseas students looking to study in Melbourne would be well advised to contact the Visas of Aus office. The staff are located in Melbourne, Australia which means they know the city and travel distances between your house and your Education provider including TAFEs (Technical & Further Education institutions), R.T.O's (Registered Trade Organizations) and Universities and can advise you of the most suitable options. 

'Visas of Aus’ assistance can help you discover which course & which Educational provider can be most beneficial to you . . . find out how.

Did you know? Even the most straightforward application could be rejected because the applicant chose to fill it in themselves and missed a minor detail. Don’t risk it.

Australian Visa Assistance: see how Visas of Aus can improve your chances of success

If you’d like us to assess your eligibility for a Visa , please click the above link to download and complete the attached pre-visa application form. If you could contact us to make an appointment you can either bring the completed form with you or fax, scan or email it to us prior to the consultation. This would enable us to make an accurate assessment of your eligibility for a Visa.